Assistant Costume Designer Certificate
Assistant Costume Designer Certificate
Program Code: 2C19660

The Assistant Costume Designer Certificate provides the student with expertise in order to assist the Costume Designer in costuming for film, television, theme park entertainment and theater. The Assistant Costume Designer should be able to create patterns for costumes, assemble costumes suitable for the entertainment industry, illustrate fashion and utilize design skills. This certificate is designed to provide the student with a course of study leading to certification and employment in the entertainment industry as an Assistant Costume Designer. The Assistant Costume Designer certificate program requires the completion of 38.5-46 units of which 29.5-37 units are in required courses and the remaining 9 units must be chosen from the restricted electives below. All courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Determine whether to pull, purchase or build costumes based upon the needs of the script, the shows budget and the time and workforce available.

Outcome 2: Create and maintain a show bible.

Outcome 3: Construct a complete costume from several historical time periods.

Outcome 4: Create custom patterns to match an actors measurements.

Outcome 5: Organize and load in costumes for a theatrical production.

Outcome 6: Design costumes suitable for the stage.

Required Courses
Required Courses (29.5-37 units):29.5-37
Fashion Sketching2
Basic Sewing Techniques (formerly Clothing I)2
Flat Pattern Methods and Design I (formerly FASH 108AF)2
Fashion Sewing (formerly Clothing II)2
Draping (formerly FASH 209AF)2
Fashion History: The Evolution of Dress, Culture and Style (formerly Fashion History of Costume)3
Introduction to the Theatre3
Acting Workshop.5-3
Theatre Workshop
Beginning Theatre Practicum (formerly THEA 133 F)
Beginning Musical Theatre Production
Introduction to Stage Crew Activity (formerly THEA 149 F)0.5-3
Beg Stage Crew Activity
Intermediate Stage Crew Activity
Advanced Stage Crew Activity
Beginning Theatrical Costuming and Design (formerly THEA 145 F)3
Stage Makeup (formerly THEA 147AF)3
Intermediate Theatrical Costuming3
16-18th Century Theatrical Costume Construction3
19th Century Theatrical Costume Construction
20th Century Theatrical Costume Construction
Pre-16th Century Theatrical Costume Construction (formerly THEA 255 F)3
Restricted Electives (9-11 units):9-11
Beginning Life Drawing3
Apparel Production2
Pattern Grading2
Tailoring (formerly FASH 205AF)2
Fashion Industry Internship2-4
Theatrical City Tours: New York2
Theatrical City Tours: London2
Acting Workshop3
Theatre Workshop1-3
Beg Stage Crew Activity0.5-3
Intermediate Theatre Practicum1-2
Intermediate Stage Crew Activity0.5-3
Advanced Stage Crew Activity0.5-3
16-18th Century Theatrical Costume Construction3
19th Century Theatrical Costume Construction3
20th Century Theatrical Costume Construction3
Pre-16th Century Theatrical Costume Construction (formerly THEA 255 F)3
Total Units38.5-48

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